our ministries

Explore ways that you can get involved. There are multiple different ways that you can share the gifts that God has given you. Everyone has a place, and everyone is welcome!


As much as we love the large worship gathering of Sunday morning (and we do), we understand that spiritual growth and life happens in smaller settings. When you connect with a small group you have the opportunity to develop stronger friendships and that provides prayer support, Bible studies, and encouragement.


Serving at LCHOG is a great way to use the gifts God has blessed you with, while getting to know others! Whatever skills or gifts you have, there is a place for you to serve. Lives are changed when you take a next step to serve–including your own!


No matter where God has called you to serve, whether it be abroad or local. Here at LaGrange CHOG we have a mission for you. Learn more about what future trips we have in the works, or how you can get involved to support your local community.